Green living is the way of the future. There are simply too many environmental benefits associated with this type of lifestyle to be ignored.

As we continue to experience a global crisis of over-consumption and pollution, the need for sustainable green living is more relevant than ever before.

In order to sustain life as we know it, the pollution and waste of our natural resources must stop…immediately.

Global Warming Disaster

Pollution produced by burning fossil fuels includes greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane. Greenhouse gasses cause most of the dangerous effects of global warming.

In the U.S. alone, roughly one-third of the greenhouse gasses come from burning fuel for electricity. Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel and is responsible for more than 25% of these emissions. Natural gas produce about 6% of all greenhouse gasses while solar power produces almost nothing!

Switching to renewable energy sources and converting to green energy sources is the only way to turn this scenario around and guarantee energy security for future generations.

Types of Green Energy Sources

There are several types of technologies, some older than others, that have served as a means of “green energy”. These sustainable resources are a far cry from the finite energy sources being consumed at alarming rates.  In order to ensure energy for future generations, it’s inevitable that mankind begins to modify their environment and lifestyle to include renewables such as:

  • Wind energy
  • Solar power
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bio-energy

One of the biggest environmental benefits of renewable green energy is that it will not run out. Unlike oil, coal or even natural gas, the supply does not diminish with use.

Stop Destruction Of Our Eco-Systems

The process of mining, drilling and even preparing an area for these activities tends to destroy natural resources. Many times roads must be made so hills are leveled and trees cut down, not to mention clearing the actual mining site itself.

The chemicals and machinery used to drill and mine also pollute the environment because many times they are powered by fossil fuels.

Drilling for gas or oil, on land or in the water, causes at least a certain amount of water pollution and if there are any spills, leaks or accidents the destruction can be massive.

Once taken from the earth the fuels need to be processed and transported and fossil fuels are used for all of these things, again contributing to global warming as well as other forms of pollution.

The use of solar power contributes only a small amount of pollution to the earth and that is made-up for within about two years’ time for each solar panel made. The environmental benefits of solar power are many and using it leads to a healthier future.

Environmental Benefits Green Living

Green living starts at home. ITstops the destruction and waste of our natural environment and preserves our valuable natural resources for future generations. The other benefits of green living include:

  • Harmful global warming emissions are stopped
  • Pollution reduced
  • Inexhaustible resource like the sun is utilized
  • Preserves the world’s water supply
  • Conservation of natural resources and whole ecosystems
  • Recycling of non-biodegradable products
  • Contributing to the conservation of forests and wildlife
  • Maintaining of the ecological balance on the earth

There is no way that we can continue along the path of over-consumption as we are currently doing. If we do not change the way by which we live, our planet will not be able to provide the necessary resources for future generations to survive.

Green living starts at home and its up to each and every one of us to adopt a lifestyle that’s more sustainable.

Green Living Costs Are Coming Down

As the green living movement grows at home, so the green technology becomes more efficient in its manufacturing which has positive effects on the prices you pay, find avg solar water installation costs online or see the cost of geo heating and cooling for yourself. Now is the time to stop the waste of our natural environment and preserves our valuable natural resources for future generations.